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" A Youth with Faith, Hope, Love and Passion on a Mission to Bring Hope to the World"

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" Reaching out, drawing in, building capacities of the poor and creating linkages for the economic empowerment of the rural underserved communities in Africa through Open and Distance Learning (ODL), and technology-enabled education is Kennedy's concern"

In a remarkably successful career that now spans more than 4 years, Kennedy is known worldwide as an upcoming and respected figure in the application of ICT’s to ensure social inclusiveness and empowerment of the rural poor.

Investigation on how Information and Communication Technologies (ICT's) can be used to bring the much needed solutions to Africa extreme poverty, diseases and hunger coupled with change and good Governance has always been Kennedy’s main passion in life, making him to spend more hours online to research and gain more insights in a field with few players and many critics. In 2002, after 2 years as a business colleague of Young Turks Enterprise (under mentorship of Nicholas Odhiambo), he surprised many by leaving the highly visible and lucrative business to pursue his career as a full-time non-salaried Computer Applications Trainer and investor at the upcoming ICT-based Training Facility "Education Training and Enterprise Center (EDTEC)" that he founded on the basis to provide vocational training to the out of school youths and school leavers.

Having realized that communities in the developing world lack access and connectivity, which ought to acts as crucial channels to empowerment, entrepreneurship, support and driving force for equitable and holistic development. In the 21st century, the digital divide and community sustainability and empowerment are intimately related. These values form the basis of Kennedy’s wider-involvement in Initiative with sole mission to connect developing communities.

While hundreds of thousands of communities across the developing world face this challenge, little in the way of appropriate expertise and experience exists to support them. This is the problem Kennedy’s participation in development platforms sets out to address. He provides expertise in best practices, facilitate information sharing, communication and engagement for communities, and support projects on the ground through planning, expertise, resources and partnership.

His capability and expertise as an organization is focused on the development, dissemination and implementation of best practices in developing world community networks and on the implementation of these same ideas into real projects on the ground.

Kennedy delivering a speech at the World Summit on Information Society (WSIS), Geneva, Dec 2003,

A visit to South Africa Broadcasting Studio (SABC) July 2004 for an interview with BBC

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