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" A Youth with Faith, Hope, Love and Passion on a Mission to Bring Hope to the World"

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My Resume
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KENNEDY EDWINE ONYANGO                                         


Career Objective: To work with any Economic Empowerment Facility or Development-oriented Organization involved in strengthening the capacity of the Community in effective Project Design, Implementation, Monitoring and Evaluation.


Professional Profile:  Excellent organizer with solid planning and problem solving skills; Self-starter who can work independently and handle multiple priorities and deadlines; Quick learner who can rapidly master all aspects of job with limited training.


Professional Goal: To use Strategic Project Planning Techniques, Proven methodologies in Planning and Development for effective implementation of participatory and result-oriented interventions at all levels.


Professional Profile:


Dec 2003 to present: Lead Facilitator; Grassroots Socio-economic Underpinnings:  Poverty-reduction, Nutrition, and Open & Distance Learning (ODL) for Women (GRASSUP NOW) Initiative.



   Coordinate the work of four principal partners in the consortium and report to the Commonwealth Of Learning (COL).

   Sign the Grants and other technical assistance agreements and prepare quarterly and final reports on behalf of the Consortium partners.




     I drafted a joint proposal that won a funding grant for this project from the Commonwealth of Learning (COL), Canada through CISSO as the lead Agency in a Multi-Stakeholder Consortium of four organizations (total funding of US$ 20,000).


     Designed the ambitious Ten Step Model of Establishing a Sustainable Community Resource Access Units (RAU’s).


     Guided the work successfully to completion of a proof of concept of a new content development and dissemination facility established to support the further design of e-Village and RAU’s.


July 2001 to date:  Director-CISSO



     Responsible for preparing the bids and work proposals as well as managing all aspects of implementation such as hiring key personnel, planning, budgeting and achieving results and deliverables according to the contract terms, as follows:


     To manage projects, collaborate with a project team, interface with clients, and use technology to build successful solutions for clients.


     Led a team of 5 from design to deployment of CISSO ICT-enhanced Capacity Building programmes in Suba-District with local and international collaborative Institutions.


     Plan, Coordinate and mobilize the resources for deployment of Suba Youth Training programme (The Bridge) concept.



       From 2001 through 2004, won and managed two contracts amounting to approximately $30,000. This work involved consulting at CISSO Training Hub hosted at EDTEC ICT-based Training Facility and collaborative work with US Peace Corps.


       I headed a team with a mandate to establish a computer literacy training project, as a joint venture between CISSO and EDTEC, and managed implementation at EDTEC ICT-based Training facility in Icipe-Mbita. I hired the key personnel and coordinated the project. The project won the Rural Development Award of the Global Knowledge Partnership (GKP) based at the World Bank Hq’s, during the World Summit on Information Society (WSIS), Geneva 2003 which I was honoured and given an Award of the same.


       The R&D program involved development of low-cost connectivity plans applied to building and construction design open source Learning Management Systems (LMS) to be used by CISSO-ICT-enhanced initiatives at the community level as social ventures with income generation components to ensure sustainability.


       Facilitated the formation of a Multi-Stakeholder Consortium comprising four principal partners and drafted the joint proposal for the GRASSUP NOW project that won the Commonwealth of Learning (COL), Canada Grant support at a tune of CAD$60,000 (CAD$ 20,000 First Phase disbursement).


       Retained by the organization to design and build 600 square foot Community Learning and Technology Center as part of the oneVillage Unity Center model at a cost of U$10,000.


       I negotiated a license with the Mbita Point Town Council and Mbita Point Green Town Environmental Initiative (MPGTEI) for CISSO to represent the interest of partners and construct a Community Learning and Technology Center at the Mbita Point Green Town Park (oneVillage site).


       Organized and managed rollout of RAU’s to initial deployment sites including delivery of all end-user training for RAU’s under GRASSUP NOW Initiative.


Jan –May 2001: Project Strategic Planner -Community Initiatives and Social Support Organization (CISSO).

Duties: -

     Responsible for coordinating and leading the implementation of CISSO Projects including Community mobilization and sensitization on CISSO-work in Suba.


     Monitoring and preparation of proposal drafts, In-depth investigation of community needs and resource mapping.


     Evaluating Community needs from the lead activities towards the preparation of Proposal for Suba Youth Training Programme and its rollout.


     Initiating Projects that consistently meet the present and future needs of the Community.



     Carried out necessary steps towards the draft of Suba Youth Training Programme.


     Draft of Micro-Intervention Support on Alleviation of Poverty- MISAP Package.


     Designed a mobile Open and Distance Learning (ODL), a concept meant to support local Community –based Youth Polytechnics.


     I established one of the first and most successful R&D Partnerships.


     Promoted third-party investments of approximately $20,000 and have also invested directly over $10,000 (in-kind support) in CISSO ICT-enhanced Capacity Building Programmes in Suba District.


     As the Project Strategic Planner, I was responsible for designing of projects and planning the investment of funds into qualified development programs. All projects were successful in income generation and the commercialization of these R&D results is now underway.


Joint Ventures and Career Development:


        Founder, Director-EDTEC from 2001 to present;


     Original Designer and lead in the development of the promising concept of e-Village Portal to be hosted by EDTEC which is a key portal for the interaction and development of the Western, Kenya community and the oneVillage Consortium on behalf of Commonwealth of Learning (COL), Canada sponsored GRASSUP NOW Project.


     Inventor of Resource Access Unit (RAU) Model of GRASSUP NOW, which provides interactive offline-based information for COL supported GRASSUP NOW implementation partners and acts as the private sector linkage to the e-Village Portal.


Current focus on developing a worldwide community of users of revolutionizing Resource Access Units (RAU’s) model and local content development system technology based on my inventions for RAU.


This initiative is well underway with over 20 registered members and some 100 enthusiast located in all parts of the world are currently designing and planning roll-out of projects with RAU components.




     Attracted high performance individuals to my projects and over $30,000 investments from both the private and public sectors were pooled up for EDTEC establishment in the remote semi-urban town of Mbita, Kenya.


     Shown ability to sell new ideas, securing and managing about $10,000 in contract funding, as summarized under the achievements. 


     Demonstrated determination in pursuing visionary business opportunities based largely on my personal skills as an inventor and entrepreneur.


     Have remained in a collaborative relationship with highly qualified engineering and architectural professionals through two years of development work.


     Managed technical staff of 5 including researchers towards design of e-Village portal.


     Promoting the concept and planning to construct (in 2006) a specialized training facility for dissemination of the e-Village Portal content through cost-effective technology based on Community Multi-Media approach.


     As a lead in a consultative role, I provided technical support as EDTEC Strategic Planner and CISSO Director of the ventures below.



     Dr. Krishna Kalluri,

1285 West Broadway

Telephone: +1 604 775 8200 Suite 600

Fax: +1 604 775 8210.

Vancouver, BC V6H 3X8.



     Joy Tang,

Executive Director,

oneVillage Foundation,USA

102 Ballatore Court,

San Jose, CA 9534,



     Mr. Francis Opiyo,


P.O Box 337 Mbita, Kenya.


+254-0720394295 (Cell)

Living a fulfilled life calls for hardwork and determination.