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" A Youth with Faith, Hope, Love and Passion on a Mission to Bring Hope to the World"


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This page lays out combined efforts and achievements ('Where we have come from), my involvement in research and community development activities and outlook for the way forward ('Where we are going '), and our organizations financial situation and funding needs.


In my endeavor to bring hope to the hopeless and restoration to the oppressed, I spearheaded the founding  and establishment of the; Community Initiatives and Social Support Organization (CISSO), a Community Based Organization that empowers the rural communities of Kenya through capacity building programmes to ensure food security, reduction of illiteracy, gender and cultural divides.


My efforts have been recognized in several and more of the notable conferences and meetings all over the world, in which many Awards have been conferred to me as a sign of honour and appreciation.  

As an eminent development activist who in the late 1990’s, recognized the need of having an all-inclusive, gender based organization with a capacity to address the problems affecting the less-developed rural communities in a participatory and equitable manner. This approach empowered the communities targeted since women forms 58% of the total population and are hardly heard in policy formulation processes due to lack of an inclusive measures meant to empower them.

As the Director of CISSO, I have taken a consultative approach to project development, calling stakeholder meetings for each new project, programme or initiative being developed or being extended into new phase. This approach has brought our research and capacity building activities closer to the end-users, as well as more in tune with the wishes of our donor community.

Eugene Seals (USA) and Nicholas Odhiambo sharing a word during Eugene's visit to Kenya, Jan, 2004

Banana of Hope Widows Self-Help Group work meant to empower th rural poor especially women.

GRASSUP NOW Team consultative meeting, Nairobi, Kenya Feb 2004

Mr. Kennedy sharing a word with AIDSMarathon 2004 Team

Living a fulfilled life calls for hardwork and determination.