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" A Youth with Faith, Hope, Love and Passion on a Mission to Bring Hope to the World"

A story to Recapture...

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A story to Recapture...
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Rev. Duane Wilt, Texas-based teacher of the word, heard about the proposed EDTEC training facility to be established in Mbita (long before it came into tangible form the way it is today), while he was ministering at Chrisco Central Church in Mbita, Kenya.


By then Bro. Wilt was on one of his missionary trips to Africa. Impressed by the purpose and vision behind the Project, he later on reiterated that he was intrigued and awed at God's plan to work through EDTEC. What he did not know at the time he was supporting the vision, was how God was already planting in his heart a seed that would connect some of today's Suba community youths with the ministry that they feel part of and continually willing to support at all costs.

Rev Wilt, had an overwhelming desire to use the gifts and talents that God had given him to help EDTEC. One day while trying to determine what God wanted him to do with this desire; Wilt birthed the idea of donating a Desktop Computer that would benefit the ministry. "The idea was truly a gift from God," Wilt said. With that call from God, Wilt, began to actively pray and seek guidance for the direction to be taken next.

He was able to call on friends and colleagues to join together to see the project to fruition. With partial support the project was created in a manner that would allow 100% of all proceeds to benefit the residents of Suba District-Kenya. So, with the vision birthed and the financial needs met, the project began and led to hundreds of today's EDTEC computer graduates joining together to start a Mercy Mission targeting the youth by a promise of hope and restoration through love, care, support and company.

As the process continued, the two dear friends agreed to support the project  without doubt are; Mar Del Mari from
Spain. When commenting on the Project, " Youth With a Mission (YWAM) Kenya Island Mission (KIM) Director for
Mbita Base, Kenya stated,  "I hope these initiatives breath life into people, because that's what they were initiated for.


In response to praise heaped on the Project, as the vision bearer and founder I understand that there’s a need to put in place a home for fellowship and restoration “Mercy Village. "It's always great to have somebody there to help you realize that bad times don't last forever and that with hope and faith in God, you will get through whatever it is you're going through."

One of the most touching moment is  a special  appearance from some of the children restored through EDTEC activities offers a reminder of God's love and faithfulness. Whether sponsored by the parents or supported by EDTEC friends, these children were given a chance at life.

Each of the training activities and the trainers that perform them are driven by the desire to help more youths especially girls who are lost and need a place of hope. This paper was produced to see that God's vision and purpose for this ministry is fulfilled and with each paper distributed, there is more room for God's healing to begin and manifest. Christ Fellowship Church-Mbita, Pastor John Gombe, recently said, "People are going to feel the unquestionable impact this ministry (EDTEC) and know that this is a project of hope, it's the story of where God has brought us all and for a purpose." Words of eternity, love, encouragement, brokenness and healing -- that's what "The Mercy Project" is -- it's truth and reality combined to help girls at Mercy and people everywhere understand the magnitude of God's love and forgiveness when we turn to Him.

While living and working in the shores of lake-Victoria, Kenya-Africa, the two, energetic young men endowed with a vision of the facility (Kennedy Edwine and Francis Opiyo), experienced first hand the growing culture, education, health and digital divide. After a successful pilot computer program, Kennedy began exploring the possibility of expanding this concept into a more sustainable program.


In mid July 2003 Kennedy approached Joy Tang of oneVillage Foundation, USA with the idea and asked her to help in the organization restructuring. Involved were people in the public and private sector determined to explore ways to increase the use of information technology for development. Excited by the idea Joy Tang enthusiastically accepted and the three began transforming the original concept into reality and today oneVillage Foundation (OVF) Kenya is being developed from EDTEC unit in Mbita.

Living a fulfilled life calls for hardwork and determination.