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" A Youth with Faith, Hope, Love and Passion on a Mission to Bring Hope to the World"

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I have been working with troubled youth and vulnerable lot in the society i.e. women and children since 1999, and over the years I have gained insight into the real reasons why these social problems exist. God never intended for us to abuse our bodies with drugs, alcohol, illicit sex, and careless life that destroy our health. Yet the problems resulting from these abuses continue to increase.


Could it be that the problem is much deeper than what lies on the surface? Could it be that it is not just a matter of what people are doing, but why they are doing it? There are root causes in people that bring about the multiple social problems that we face in our society today. We must deal with these root causes, not just the symptoms.


Drug abuse, teen pregnancy, and eating disorders are only outward manifestations of inward problems—things like self-hate, fear, insecurity, guilt, unforgiveness, and hurts from the past.



My heart was touched with awesome situation of unemployment young people were going through. We cannot forget that 55% of Africans are young.  What an inestimable asset for the continent! True today they are still victims of wrong and adverse development. Trapped between unemployment and underemployment, they allow themselves to be taken up by spiral of violence. Yet, where and when they are offered adequate education or training, a life ideal and the means to achieve it, the youth show enthusiasm and capability.


I felt that there was an urgent need for us (development practitioners) to urgently embark on development programmes with vocational training components. Without training on lifelong skills, our people will remain malleable clay in the hands of dubious, selfish and careless people, who will continue to manipulate them for their selfish gains!

Living a fulfilled life calls for hardwork and determination.